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Wheat germ, a treasure of nutrients

Wheat germ, a treasure of nutrients

Wheat germ alone is synonymous with vitality, strengthening immune defenses and slowing cellular aging. Simple to consume daily, it is a source of vitamins, trace elements and essential minerals to keep fit. In short, it would be a shame to deprive yourself!

All the wealth of wheat germ

The wheat germ is the richest part of the grain of wheat, the one that contains the embryo of the next plant. Wheat germ is a real treasure of nature, incredibly rich in protein, vitamin B and vitamin E, mineral salts, trace elements, amino acids and even if it represents only 3% of the volume of a grain. essential fatty acids. On its own, it brings vitality with vitamins B2 and B6, strengthens immune defenses through magnesium, vitamin B9 and the proteins it contains, slows cellular aging thanks to vitamin E ... For example, 100 g of wheat germ provides 255 mg of magnesium, 68% of recommended daily intake (RDA), 10 mg of vitamin E or 83% of RDA, 1 mg of vitamin B6 or 71% of RDA. . Studies have also highlighted the role of wheat germ against excess cholesterol.

It contains phytosterols, which limit the absorption of cholesterol by the intestine. In addition, wheat germ is often recommended as an antidiarrheal because of its agglutinins, but this property has not yet been studied. How to consume wheat germ? The wheat germ is eaten in the form of dehydrated flakes to sprinkle on both salads and soups, yogurt, etc. At breakfast, a tablespoon, about 8 g of wheat germ, allows you to start the day off right. Wheat germ is also found in the form of capsules, granules, but also oil. In this case, choose a cold-pressed wheat germ oil. It is particularly rich in vitamin E, but should not be reheated.

Who is the wheat germ recommended for? Wheat germ is recommended for everyone, except for people who are allergic to gluten, which is its main protein - it contains 2.5 times more than wheat flour. Because of its benefits, this concentrate of vitality is particularly suitable for athletes, but also for pregnant women. For the latter, indeed, vitamin B9 participates in the development of the fetus; In addition, it is important to know that, in cosmetics, wheat germ oils help to prevent stretch marks. For growing children and adolescents, wheat germ provides essential minerals and trace elements, such as phosphorus. In the elderly, it provides especially folic acid, essential for the production of blood cells and cells as the synthesis of neuromediators.