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90% Soy Protein - 300g - Soleil Vie

90% Soy Protein - 300g - Soleil Vie

Crème à l'huile de noyau d'abricot - 7,5ml - Soleil Vie

Crème à l'huile de noyau d'abricot - 7,5ml - Soleil Vie

Organic green tea - 100 caps - Soleil Vie

Antioxidant properties
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Green tea extract (Camellia sinensis) contains polyphenols, among these polyphenols are catechins and among these catechins, particularly, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is considered to be the most potent active ingredient in green tea. Green tea also contains caffeine.

Active ingredient: catechin action of catechins against lipid oxidation: Catechins inhibit the oxidation of LDL3 by capturing the free radicals at its origin, they thus make it possible to prevent the appearance of cardiovascular diseases Catechins, by their antioxidant capacity, limit the oxidative stress by reacting with these free radicals.

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Pour 2 gélules : EGCG : 90 mg (100% des AJR)

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IntolerancesLactose free
Quantity100 capsules
IngredientsOrganic green tea extract 12% EGCG Camellia sinensis Vegetable capsule: HPMC