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Prevent and relieve legs heavy before the summer

The summer is coming back and the smiles are coming back, but for many of you this summer is also synonymous with heavy legs, discomfort and even pain, but there are some simple solutions. implemented.

Why heavy legs?

The veins are responsible for raising blood to the heart. However, they are thinner than the arteries and have less muscle fibers, they are sort of elastic fibers that work with anti-reflux valves. When for one reason or another, the veins can not do their "work" properly, it is called venous insufficiency or heavy legs, which are actually a symptom of it. When blood stagnates in the veins (venous stasis), these dilate and their tissues swell. This venous disease concerns - all the same - one in two women and one in four men. It can lead to complications such as varicose veins, eczema or varicose ulcer, venous thrombosis, or even phlebitis. Heavy legs and risk factors If venous insufficiency is often due to heredity, sex and age, there are aggravating factors with the summer heat first. This causes dilation of the veins which prevents the valves from functioning normally and consequently blood clogging. Too long standing without walking (at work for example) or on the contrary long sitting trips also contribute to venous insufficiency.

The problem increases in the air because of the dryness of the air and the decrease of the oxygen pressure. In this case, it is really advisable to walk, stretch and do ankle movements regularly to avoid risking phlebitis by staying still. Solutions against heavy legs Walking is the first solution for people with heavy legs. At the beach this summer, walk in the water and avoid naps in the sun. Plantar pressure pushes the blood to promote venous return.

Exercise in general will help energize the veins, even if so-called rebound sports (tennis, step, jogging ...) or requiring prolonged muscular efforts are not recommended. Prefer cycling or swimming! In everyday life, simple solutions can also prevent heavy legs: the cold tightening the veins, a cold shower on the legs morning and evening by raising ankles to the thighs is a good habit to take. Massages have also proven their effectiveness, especially if they are performed with gels including plants or veinotonic essential oils, such as Aromagel Legs Light.

The effectiveness of the massage is added to the freshness of the gel to reactivate the blood circulation and relieve the feelings of heaviness and tingling. The massage is performed with gentle circular movements up the legs. To enhance the effect of cold, you can also keep your Aromagel in the fridge. To stimulate blood flow, elevate your legs with a cushion when you are lying down and wear as needed (especially while traveling or while working in a standing position) compression stockings are also solutions.

Do not worry, today's stockings have nothing to do with those of Mother Denis! Note that taking veinotonic drugs, even herbal, must be decided on medical advice. A better lifestyle for light legs The subject of physical exercise has already been discussed, but the lifestyle that will allow you to keep your legs light is also through food: focus on fresh fruits and vegetables that will bring you vitamins and antioxidants necessary for protection veins. And drink green tea to tone your blood vessels.

If you are subject to water retention, rely on the vitamin PP contained in the berries. Finally, know that vitamin E, which is found in particular in dried fruits, cereals, fatty fish and olive oil, will slow the aging of the venous walls and therefore the risk of insufficiency. Preventing heavy legs also includes stopping smoking, alcohol and caffeine, all of which dilate the veins.