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Organic baobab powder - 80g - Soleil Vie

Organic baobab powder - 80g - Soleil Vie

Organic Maca powder - 140g - Soleil Vie

Organic Maca powder - 140g - Soleil Vie

Organic Chlorella powder - 120g - Soleil Vie

Chlorella powder: the seaweed that supports your body!

• Muscles: promotes the development and maintenance of muscle mass

• Transit: improves the digestive system

• Detox: effective in detoxifying the body

• Energy: reduces fatigue

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Contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system (B12, I)

Contributes to normal muscle function (lives D, K) and maintains its mass (Proteins)

Helps reduce fatigue (B12, C, Fe) and normal cognitive function (Fe, I)

Contributes to the functioning of normal skin (I)

Contributes to normal psychological functions (B12, C)

Contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system (lives D, B12, Fe)

For 1 teaspoon into your fruit juices, smoothies ...

Pour 100g

Energie : 402 kcal

Lipides : 13,4 g

Glucides : 5,22 g

Protéines : 59,1 g

More Information
QualityOrganic, Vegan
IntolerancesGluten free
BenefitsDetox, Digestion, Energy, Muscles
Ingredients100% Chlorella Vulgaris
How to use1 à 2 cuillères à café / jour