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Post-holiday digestion

For light holidays: natural products and gestures

Very fat dishes, endless meals, alcohol, your digestive system is put to the test during the holidays. To enjoy without consequences, here are some tips. Prepare your body The approach of winter, fatigue, exposure to viruses and microbes weaken your body and especially your digestive system. To prepare yourself for hearty meals at the end of the year and forget the inconvenience of difficult digestion, accompanied by heaviness, bloating, or even nausea and vomiting, it is better to proceed to a detox cure based on natural products.

The artichoke, rhubarb, black radish favor for example intestinal transit while althea acts on the stomach. Fennel and anise naturally help to fight against bloating and reduce excess gas. Taken in the form of tablets or a preparation to be added to water or tea during the weeks leading up to the holidays, these natural products will help you purify your digestive system and prepare it for richer holiday meals. In a more general way, these healthy gestures will help you face the frosts and the small worries of the winter, by stimulating your immune defenses.

During the meal, a few simple gestures Appetizers, foie gras, salmon, stuffed poultry, cheese, Christmas log, the dishes follow one another and are so many temptations. To avoid overloading your body and tasting all the dishes, skip the bread. Limit the size of your toasts with foie gras, eat your cheese with a fork, for example! As an aperitif, opt for a glass of champagne, less rich in calories, rather than for a cocktail, full of sugar and alcohol, and do not throw yourself on the biscuits appetizer or peanut type dry fruits.

Systematically alternate a glass of water and a glass of wine and avoid refilling yourself with the same dish. Remember to chew well and eat slowly. Listen to your feeling of satiety and stop when your body asks you to! Finally, lemon is a real ally for your digestion. You can add a washer in your glass of water. Natural allies to help you after the meal To stimulate digestion right after the meal, use the beneficial properties of plants. A natural preparation to dilute in a glass of water or tea, including angelica, antispasmodic, condurango, intestinal analgesic, and ginger, which promotes gastric secretions, will bring you a tonic and depurative action. For a cleansing effect, rely on burdock for the production of bile, gentian and anise.

The charcoal will also be a good ally to fight against flatulence, bloating or even food poisoning. Finally, a walk of thirty minutes will stimulate your digestive system and help you regain your lightness.