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Plants: your slimming allies!

Plants, your slimming allies: discover their virtues!

You want to slim down, but not at any price and certainly not at the expense of your health, with drug products far from being without side effects. To lose weight in a natural way, prefer the use of plants that hide unsuspected slimming properties. There are several types of slimming plants with different actions, draining and diuretic, fat burning or appetite suppressant. All are available in different forms: herbal teas, teas, food supplements in capsules ... These last allow in particular to consume effective plants but with the unpleasant taste.

1 - Mincing with draining plants with diuretic effects Among the plants with the most effective draining effect are orthosiphon, or Java tea, dandelion, pilosella, meadowweet, sassafras root, blackcurrant leaf, ash, fennel or cherry tails. They are available in various forms: capsules, herbal teas, mother tincture, decottopia (delicious mixture of diuretic herbs) ... It is advisable to do cures for one month, respecting the dosages indicated. Be sure to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day to stimulate the elimination and increase the effectiveness of these plants.

2 - Lose weight with fat burning plants Other slimming plants will rather have a fat-burning effect, thanks to their active ingredients that will act directly on lipolysis. These plants have the power to increase your energy expenditure and, as a result, force your body to tap into its fat reserves. The most effective fat burning and fat burning plant is guarana, which is rich in caffeine, an active component that activates the melting of fat and is found in many slimming creams. Other plants with a fat-burning effect include black or green tea and mate, which can also be taken as an infusion.

3 - Regulate your appetite with appetite suppressants Some plants do not act directly on your metabolism, but have an appetite suppressant effect that will help regulate your appetite as part of a diet. Rich in mucilages, fibers that retain water, they will increase the volume of the bolus and inflate up to 100 to 200 times their volume in the stomach, resulting in a feeling of fullness over time. The most effective diet-reducing slimming plants are marine algae such as spirulina (prepared as a drink), agar-agar, a red alga, often based on light recipes, fucus (a brown algae rich in iodine and vitamins), but also apple pectin, psyllium or konjac, a slimming plant more and more popular. These moderators of appetite act on the satiety, facilitate the transit by increasing, by an additional hydration, the volume of the stools and trap some of the undigested fats by the body. To properly use these herbs as a dietary supplement, take 2 to 3 capsules half an hour before each main meal, with a quarter of a liter of water to allow the development of a large volume in the stomach. It is important not to overuse these appetite suppressants with appreciable support, limiting their intake over time to about 3 weeks.