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Natural food supplements

Interview: February-March 2014 / Daniel Althaus, naturopath and nutritionist "Natural food supplements: a response to stress"

In his 25-year career, Daniel Althaus, a recognized naturopath and nutritionist and author of several books, says that stress and nervousness are the main causes of his patients' consultations. Aches not without consequences for our organizations that must react. When do you recommend the use of dietary supplements? Stress and nervousness lead to various ailments such as anxiety, depression, physical tension or digestive problems. And for a long time, bad eating habits due to a fundamentally unbalanced modern diet lead to deficiencies in amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Without vigilance, one is easily deficient and this causes long-term damage such as joint or degenerative diseases. If it is imperative to find the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle, dietary supplements help fill, clean or even detoxify the body. What advice would you give to people who are deficient? My generation knew the symbolic cod liver oil and we were less deficient. In a contradictory way, we live in a world where products and information exist in abundance but more people do not know what to do.

First, it is essential to turn to organic natural products and not synthetic products because it avoids the problems of overdose with consequences as dangerous as the deficiency. For example, I work a lot with flower pollen which is a wonderful natural multivitamin or chlorella which is a freshwater alga with detoxifying effects. In any case, avoid self-medication and work to restore the balance of his body with a professional. When does the dietary supplement become indispensable? With a diet too rich in refined sugars and animal protein, more and more people should turn to intelligent supplementation but some populations in priority. Athletes, pregnant or breastfeeding women and the elderly are primarily concerned by the risk of deficiency. Imagine that a high-level athlete needs, in addition to a balanced diet, double the amount of mineral salts that a normal person has. Just like children who are in full construction and whose food imbalance has even more consequences . * The secrets of a naturopath (Hollistica Edition)