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Borage oil Bio - 90 caps - Soleil Vie

Borage oil Bio - 90 caps - Soleil Vie

Organic evening primrose oil - 90 caps - Soleil Vie

Organic evening primrose oil - 90 caps - Soleil Vie

Organic green lentils - 500g - Soleil Vie

Contains fiber and provides pregnant women with folic acid (B9)
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The lentil is an annual plant belonging to the Fabaceae family, widely cultivated for its high-protein edible seeds


The lenses do not need to soak. Wash them carefully as they often contain small stones. Plunging lentils in boiling water will help digestion. Avoid long cooking that turns the lentils into puree. In the water: 60 min.

Pour 100g

Energie : 296 kcal

Lipides : 1,4 g

Glucides : 50,8 g

Fibres : 30g

Protéines : 23,5 g

Vitamines et minéraux

Riche en : B9, K, Fe, P

Source de : Mg, Zn, B1, Cu, B3, B6, B5

More Information
QualityOrganic, Vegan
IntolerancesGluten free
IngredientsOrganic green lentils
How to useDried, lentils are used to prepare nutritious soups; they are also used in salads and main dishes. They are reduced to puree with which are prepared including croquettes. In India, lentils and rice are often associated. The lentils can be sprouted or turned into flour, to make pancakes and to make a protein supplement (mixed with cereal flour).