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Health in pips

Squash, grape, grapefruit: the seeds of these three plants contain active agents with different actions, but all have in common the improvement of health.

Urinary comfort, blood circulation, thinning, fight against infections, etc. Discover the virtues hidden in the seeds. Squash seeds, for urinary comfort In traditional medicine, pumpkin seed was first used as a dewormer.

It is recognized in particular an action against intestinal parasites such as solitary worms. This is due to the curcubitin it contains. Since then, other active ingredients have been highlighted in this small 2 cm core: linoleic acid (the "good fat"), alpha-linoleic acid, vitamins B, C and E, trace elements such as zinc. Pumpkin seed also contains phytosterols, which help fight bad cholesterol. Consumed in the form of pumpkin seed oil (especially in capsules), they provide in particular a natural vitamin E intake which is not, remember, produced by the body. In addition to its antioxidant effect, this vitamin E fights against aging, plays a role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and acts on prostaglandins to limit inflammation. Its phytosterols also inhibit the growth of prostatic tissue.

For these reasons, pumpkin seed oil is used today to fight against benign prostatic hypertrophy in men, but also against urinary tract infections in women. As for the trace elements of the pumpkin seed, they can be useful in case of fatigue or at the time of menopause. Grape seeds, for heart and arteries The secret of grape seeds lies in procyanidolic oligomers (or OPC), polyphenols with antioxidant action much stronger than that of vitamin E or vitamin C and which have the peculiarity of being both liposoluble and water-soluble. All cells are thus protected from free radicals. OPCs promote blood circulation, particularly to the heart, by strengthening the strength and elasticity of blood vessel walls by strengthening collagen and elastin, thus allowing for better venous return.

It has been shown that they reduce blood pressure. The grape seeds thus have an effective action on venous insufficiency, as for the protection of the arteries and the heart. Another virtue of grape seed, is help with thinning. Indeed, it contains mucilages with laxative effects, flavones, tannins and anticyanosides which improve the venous circulation, as we have said, but also release fatty deposits, notably preventing the appearance of cellulite. Grapefruit seed extract, against germs Other fruit or vegetable seeds have been shown to be effective. This is the case of grapefruit seed, as found in purifying gel for hands: it is a first-class antimicrobial, used against fungal infections such as ENT infections, canker sores or ulcers . Rich in flavonoids, grapefruit seed extract (or EPP) is a natural antibiotic that also has the special feature of strengthening the immune system. It can also be used for prevention and purifying purposes.