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Aids to slim down before the summer

The spring wardrobe is out of the closets, you're having trouble shutting off your favorite trousers, the lack of extra pounds accumulated during the winter, you're also thinking about your figure this summer on the beach ...

To slim down before this fateful period, there are effective aids, to associate with a balanced diet and of course a minimum of physical exercise. Konjac, a natural appetite suppressant The first ally of your thinness is konjac. This Asian plant, from the family of araceae, is a true appetite suppressant, particularly rich in fiber. The main one is glucomannan, a soluble fiber that swells on contact with a liquid. Thus, konjac taken just before meals and with less than 10 kcal per 100 g provides an impression of satiety. You eat less; you lose weight. In addition, the fibers of this perennial plant called "Devil's tongue" help regulate intestinal transit, which prevents bloating, constipation and other diarrhea.

Other benefits of Konjac, its low glycemic index, which reduces lipid and glucose levels in the blood, and its draining action, which helps eliminate toxins in the body. Diuretic effects of green coffee We know the beneficial effects of green coffee on physical and mental fatigue, as on the elimination of toxins and intestinal transit. But unroasted coffee is also a diuretic and therefore helps with weight loss.

The ripe fruit of the coffee tree, sun-dried, contains chlorogenic acid, a molecule that contributes effectively to the elimination of fats and the burning of sugars by liver cells. Green coffee also makes it possible to kill two birds with one stone thanks to its kahweol and cafestol content: these stimulate an enzyme that favors intestinal transit and helps with the evacuation of waste. Be careful though, green coffee contains the same caffeine content as our little black daily; it is therefore an exciting, not recommended for people who suffer from heart problems. Green tea to boost metabolism Containing between 0.5 and 10% of caffeine and between 15 and 30% of catechins, green tea can also be an effective support for weight loss, associated of course with a suitable diet.

Its action is a little different from that of green coffee. It increases energy consumption, tones the metabolism and thus promotes the breakdown of fats. Three to six cups daily outside meals are recommended. And if we prefer to slim down green tea to black tea - more fermented and therefore more oxidized - it is because the first is richer in catechins than the second (up to 30% against 9% for the black tea).

In general, green tea is a health food par excellence, because of its concentration of antioxidant polyphenols and EPCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate), formidable neutralizing free radicals. However, precautions must be taken: green tea can inhibit or, on the contrary, amplify the action of certain medicines, especially antibiotics, certain antidepressants and heart treatments. It is also not recommended for people with iron deficiency. Eat less and lighter, drain and detoxify your body, play sports, but also drink a lot are necessary conditions to slim down before the summer. A natural drink to lose weight To lose weight in a natural way, the Slim Kombu, a preparation based on plants and aromas, is also an ideal ally. It combines draining and diuretic actions, fat-burning and appetite suppressants. What to find an ideal silhouette before the summer!