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Soy, benefits and uses

Cultivated and consumed in Asia for 5,000 years, soy has gradually conquered our Western plates.

This legume is particularly the friend of vegetarians (and vegans) because of its high protein content: 38.2 g per 100 Soybean in all its forms can thus perfectly replace meat, but these are not its only virtues, depending on the situation of each, it can be a valuable aid. Soy lecithin for the arteries Soy lecithin is a lipid obtained by the pressure of soya beans. It is particularly rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6), choline (one of the B vitamins) and phosphorus essential for bones, muscles and soft tissues.

Thus composed, soy lecithin plays an important role in the protection of the arteries and the fight against the bad cholesterol at the cardiovascular level. Indeed, it prevents the deposit of fat on the walls of the arteries, while promoting their elimination by the liver. By preventing the loss of arterial elasticity - atherosclerosis - soy lecithin helps to prevent cardiovascular disease.

The vitamin E it contains is not only an antioxidant, but it also helps reduce the level of lipids in the blood. In sum, soy lecithin can be very useful, even for people who want to lose weight. Soy isoflavones against the effects of menopause Irritability, hot flushes, water retention ... the unpleasant effects of pre-menopausal and menopausal periods are due to a hormonal deficiency of estrogen and progesterone. The soy isoflavones contained in Menosoja are natural estrogens of plant origin (phyto-oestrogens), which will help restore the hormonal balance and, thus, limit the aforementioned symptoms. In addition, studies have shown that soy isoflavones contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and hormonal cancers. Muscles and energy with soy protein Soy protein is a specific product obtained from deoiled soy flour. It is also the only vegetable protein powder that, on the one hand, brings together all the essential amino acids and, on the other hand, has the great advantage of not containing lactose.

Replacing meat effectively, soy protein helps maintain and develop muscle mass. They are also particularly rich in lysine (useful for the growth of bones and the production of antibodies) and arginine (with stimulating effects).