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Drain and detoxify the body after the excesses of winter

The winter was long, we ate a little more than usual, the cold environment rather encouraged us to go home directly than to do our twenty minutes of daily walking ...

With the return of the beautiful days and clapboard sun's eye, this is the perfect time to eliminate the toxins that clog our body and get off to a good start. Drain, detoxify, what differences? It is true that we often use the term "detox" or "detox cure", on a weekend or a few weeks. However, it is necessary to differentiate drainage from detoxification. The first is to eliminate toxins and toxins; the second aims to push the toxic out of the body, but also help to better resist addictions such as alcohol or tobacco. If it is still waste, the toxins correspond to those produced by the body, ammonia, lactic and pyruvic acids, saturated fatty acids ... which will have the effect of thickening the blood at the risk of clogging the vessels, d clogging the airways or inflaming the joints. They also react to your body with acne, eczema, bronchitis, colds, bloating and other digestive problems. As for the toxic, it is waste from external sources: tobacco, alcohol, drugs, toxic plant alkaloids, pollution and heavy metals.

How to eliminate toxins and toxic The "big spring cleaning", that is the elimination of toxins and toxins, is done by stimulating what are called emunctories, that is to say the main ways of disposing of waste available to our organism. : kidneys, liver, skin (which removes 10% of body waste from sweat), lungs and intestines. It is for this reason that products like Floril de Soleil Vie capsules contain probiotics, prebiotics and live micro-organisms that have a positive effect on the intestinal flora and help digestion. They then associate with chlorella, which can also be taken alone in capsule form. This freshwater microalgae contains chlorophyll, which stimulates blood circulation and helps eliminate toxins. Detox and drainage: the right actions Whether you want to follow a short course or work over time, some rules are needed to properly detox and drain your body.

The first of these is a high fiber diet (the ideal amount is 20 g per day), which will stimulate the intestine and allow it to eliminate waste faster; the second, the physical activity that will oxygenate the airways. Banish alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, refined foods, salt, sugar and fat is also a prerequisite. Taking care of yourself, relaxing, relaxing, caring for your skin are essential gestures. Why not take the opportunity to treat yourself to an institute or home massage with essential oils of cedar and grapefruit (a drop of each) diluted in sweet almond oil (a tablespoon)? In addition to a moment of relaxation, this treatment will stimulate your blood and lymphatic circulation. You must also know that all the active ingredients that will drain toxins from the body will take advantage of them to carry with them minerals and trace elements essential to your good shape.

They will also cause water loss. Hence the importance of careful to remineralize and drink a lot during the "detox operation" - especially herbal teas if you do water retention. To help you, Depur Mech is a natural depurative for water or tea. In addition to hydrating you, this herbal preparation and flavors will act on your liver, kidneys and intestines to help you clean them. Your urine is darker? Your intestines claim you more often the toilets? Do you sweat more than usual? These are all signs that your body eliminates more residues. You are on the right track, soon you will feel in great shape!